30 June 2008

Beautiful Day

It's gorgeous out today.

Did I enjoy any of it? Not really. I've been trying to get through these stupid CBTs. These aren't an easy thing really. They are time consuming and annoying.

I did have a fun conversation with a friend again today. We're trying to find a way we can meet up to visit...finding dates that work for both of us, finding the best means and all that jazz. In an effort to alleviate our problem I keep telling him to just move here; he keeps telling me to move there. I think we've agreed that we're going to compromise and just move to Italy together. Or Germany. Yeah, that'll work.

Until then, I just spend my days at home or work, slaving over CBTs and trying to figure out my life.

On a good note, this ends NaBloPoMo's month of "Home". Tomorrow begins "Food". I'm trying to watch what I eat and lose some poundage (especially in light of the above paragraph - if I'm moving to Italy, I need to look hotter than I am right now). I've been trying SB again and it's been ups and downs. I should be starting Phase 2 tomorrow. I'll see how I feel in the morning if I'm going to actually do that. Though since it's my nephew's birthday party tomorrow I probably should consider it.

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