11 June 2008

A quickie

Good morning, all! I'm not sure what my internet status will be like the next couple days so I thought I'd just say hi.

By the way, I hate packing for a trip. I never know just what to bring. I think I have everything I'll need. Luckily I'm traveling within this free land so I can probably find a place to help me if I forgot something, but still...I hate packing.

One quick personal note: Kat - let's totally work together but I can't start until Monday. The next few days will be filled with baseball and traveling which does not bode well for our project.

To the rest. Have a great day! I hope it's awesome!


Kat said...

Have FUN!!!

mamapanda123 said...

Hello! Just wanted to say hi and that I hope you're having a good summer. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Cheers! T