22 June 2008

Sabbath and dreams

Today was one of those days that, if looking from another perspective, it would seem as if I completely wasted it.

It was beautiful here today. Slight wind, 82 degrees, low humidity. It's an anomaly in these parts really. What did I do?

Well, after church and brunch with Tre, I came home and took a 2 hour nap which turned into 3 hours and then laid around most of the day, sorting through old magazines and knitting a little.

This morning at church Lon preached about the Sabbath Day and to keep it Holy. He talked about how we shouldn't even visit places on the Sabbath where people have to work because then we are forcing them to work that day when they should be resting too.

So I felt a little guilty heading directly from church to Perkins for brunch. I told Tre of this and she started to talk about how Lon needed to get a more worldly view of things before preaching things like that because people may need the part-time job to feed their kids or college kids need to make money for college, etc. etc. etc.

My thought was more on a spiritual/religious level that not everyone's Sabbath is Sunday. That's the Christian view but, from my understanding, the Jewish view is Saturday (at least if my Big Lebowski knowledge is factual, "Shomar Shabbos!"). And others aren't of the church sort and so they don't necessarily have a Sabbath. Or their job requires them to work "weekends" and so their Sabbath is on a Monday or Tuesday or Thursday.

It seemed to be a very simplistic view of Sabbath. But it's one person's opinion. And while I usually do go with the Sabbath notion on Saturday or Sunday (to follow our western world notions), I also believe the fact that Sabbath is not something we do for God but what God does for us. And I find it hard to believe that if I need Sabbath on a Wednesday that God isn't going to show up because it's not Sunday. Sabbath is God sanctifying us and that can happen anytime.

So today may have been my Sabbath, although I still feel unproductive. My apartment is in shambles. I can't find my kitchen counter to bake if I wanted to, not that I want to because I can't eat any of it anyway. My bedroom floor looks like my closet and dresser threw up on it, not to mention my file cabinet.

I need to organize. I've been having some weird dreams lately and I think a lot of it is because I can't find my way through my life. Part of it is that I haven't been home long enough to focus on anything and when I try to focus my mess in my apartment just saddens me to the point where I just want to sleep. So I do.

Tomorrow - Tomorrow I have plans. I've made a list of what I need to do tomorrow starting with a run in the AM. I can't not run in the mornings anymore. I don't have a running buddy anymore anyway so why I try to run during the day at work is beyond me. That's just depressing. So tomorrow, again, I'm going to run in the morning and enjoy it all. And then I'm going to bust my ass and complete my list and try to get my life back on track.

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