16 June 2008


Ahhhhh.... I'm finally home.

I got up this morning and headed to LS to see Edith, Victoria and anyone else I could run into. Lucky for me, I also got to see KR, John, PDub, PLull, PaulS, Alice, and Sean. Oh and Nick (whose name I forgot completely at the time).

Sadly, I went to Target for my Diet Coke with Splenda and there was none to be found. I'm a little worried now. Last Wednesday I had stopped at one on the start of my trip in the cities and there wasn't any then either. I hope to God they didn't stop stocking it. I'll have to drive to Wisconsin for my fix and I'm not sure I have enough gas money for that. For sure I'll have to stock up when I go back for Nika's baptism. Hopefully my car will hold enough to tide me over for awhile.

So I was going to tally up all the hours in my car. Let's try this:
Wednesday: 4 to the cities, 10 to our first stop
Thursday: 4 to Cleveland, plus an hour in town
Friday: 4 to Cincinnati
Saturday: 1 in town
Sunday: 13.5 back to the cities
Monday: 1 in town, 4 back home

So what does that come to? 42.5 hours. Wow. That's a work week. Uffda.

The trip was awesome though. I loved every minute - riding in the car and make obscene stories out of Yes & No books; yelling at Garmin; speaking in a British accent or Polish or Jewish or Bolgarian (at one point); the game; the opera; Frank; the food; and the boys.

Oh the boys. I do miss them already. Sometimes I can't believe that I know them but I do and I'm so blessed. I wish I could see them more often.

So now, I'm catching up on blogs and doing laundry for tomorrow begins another workweek. Should be good.


Baritonality said...

It was great seeing you! I'm glad the trip went well. Good luck at work.

Kat said...

Home!! Are you ready to start the diet thing? I fell off the wagon, but only gained back 1 lb last week. I'm ready to rock it now!

Anonymous said...

I have so many questions to ask you about this trip! Reading your posts was just grrrr because I want to ask you what your dress looked like among other things! So coffee when I get back would be a very good thing. We can share pictures. I'm going to be home July 19/20th ish. See you soon!