18 June 2008


I just got off the phone with my mom. We're going to the cities to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Guthrie this weekend.

She called to see if she should bring her square dance stuff along and then we wouldn't have to rush back (because she'd have to go back home to get it and come back into town). I said fine, though her dance isn't until 8 and I'm sure we'll be home long before then.

I asked her 2 or 3 days ago to tell me what else she wanted to do in the cities so we could plan. She said, "I don't know." So tonight she says it again with the "well, you'll have to tell me what else we can do."

Hello. It's the cities - there's museums, shopping galore, parks, what have you. I don't want to pick out the rest of this trip. She needs to speak up.

But I know what's going to happen. We'll leave the cities and then halfway home she'll say, "Oh, we should have gone to blah blah blah." And I know it will be something we've talked about in the past but she won't have said anything and I don't want to force things on her. I've learned that things I like aren't usually the things she likes and vice versa.

Tonight after she said what she said, I said, "Well, I've lived there for 7 years and... I've seen everything so you need to figure something out. Google the cities and see what you find."

In my head though, I was thinking, "I lived there for 7 years and you came up 3 times, maybe 4, and you never spoke up then until after we had left. And now that I live here, now there's this sudden interest to go to the cities but still without a clue of what to see."

Ugh. I'm tired of hand holding. Of course I probably did this in Cincinnati, but I was also looking at the clock thinking that we had very little time to do the aforementioned options and so they weren't my first choice at the time.

Anyway...I'm already frustrated and we haven't even left.

Maybe I just need sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Sleep...or a dirty martini