15 June 2008

Heading home

Psst...I'm writing this long hand and will transpose it later (like right now, Monday) since I don't have internet this weekend.

So we headed home today. Debbie and I got up and got our stuff packed up and then had coffee with Thom and Evans one last time. We read from the Joys of Yiddish, just for fun, and talked a little about our expected route and timing and such.

After hugs and kisses, we headed on our way. I was so sad when we left, I really just wanted to cry, but I held back. I really want to go back, maybe for La traviata later this summer, but we'll see.

The trip back was uneventful. Of course Garmin kept telling us to "Keep Left" in Chicago, which after two hours of keeping left we finally made it through the city. We both had to pee so bad we were scared to get out of the car for fear of an incident. But luckily all was well and once we got through that we were on our way again.

We had a little scare when we hit Wisconsin because some roads were being closed due to all the rain. Lord, all the rain is really insane. It was so close to the road it was scary. The sad thing is that in about a month or so we'll be wishing for the rain and then it'll be just dry and hot.

We did have a moment of excitement when Debbie's car hit 20,000 miles. I took a picture (of course, I'd get a picture of that but not of me in a dress) but I'll have to upload that later.

I'm tired again, so I'm going to go to bed because tomorrow I have to drive 4 more hours. I should figure out how many hours I actually spent in a car for this trip. It will be pretty insane, I bet.

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