21 June 2008

Picture Day!

I finally downloaded all my pictures so here you go! Random pictures of nothing. :)

Below: Debbie's speedometer hit 20,000 while we drove home. It was dark out but luckily there were no cars around to be distracted by the flash.
Next: Here's mom standing by the Minnehaha Falls. I finally figured out where this park is in the cities and mom wanted to walk this morning to get a few steps on her pedometer (especially since we'd be in a car most of the day). So we went here to walk. Awesome park! I wish I had found it when I actually lived there.
This is a tree growing out of a rock. When Mom and I went to London a decade ago I was teasing her because most of her pictures, when we got back, were of trees. It's been a running joke since.
This I thought was interesting.
A lone, yet fully, gray cloud in the middle of the sky.
I took this while driving.

This was my pie from Pie Day! It was my first lattice top
which didn't really turn out, but I loved the recipe and will totally
be doing this one again soon, even if I can't eat it anymore.
And that's picture day!

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