28 June 2008

Hangin' at home

Today was finally a 'normal' day.

I slept in, well, kind of. I woke up at 7 (which is late for me) but stayed in bed until 8 just because I could. I headed to Target to pick up a few things and then to the store for food. Yum.

I tried something new with my hair today. I washed it as usual, but just brushed through it with a wide bristled brush and scrunched and sprayed it so it'd keep it's curl. This whole curl in my hair thing is new...especially one I didn't have to pay for or smell like chemicals to achieve. It's nice. I like it though I need to work with it a little more. At Target I found a couple products that will hopefully help.

But most of the rest of the day was spent inside working on those fabulous CBTs. I finished two and almost finished a third when I got annoyed and quit. I need to take a good break and then go back and test. I should go through the exercises and training but it's very similar to another one I did earlier so I think I can fudge my way through without having to go through it all again.

So I'm going to watch "definitely, maybe" tonight. I've spent most of the day with old, sappy movies on - well, not old. 13 Going On 30, Jersey Girl, and Shrek, and Ghostbusters. The first two I ended up bawling at during the end. Why do people always end up happy in the movies. This was one reason why I really liked My Best Friend's Wedding - because Julia Roberts didn't end up with the guy at the end. It was realistic!

Anyway...I'm going to watch this other one and veg. It's nice to be home again.

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