09 June 2008

Another one

Talk about another surreal moment. I went shopping today...for a dress.

Yep. A dress. Those who know me know that this is very strange for me, despite the fact that this is something I do want to work towards in my life.

I ended up buying 3 but I'll probably return two of them - one because it doesn't have sleeves and I really don't like my arms, and the other because it isn't quite right, but it's close.

The one I'm going to keep is a little black dress, something every girl should have according to Cosmo and Glamour, with short sleeves. I like this one. For one it's labeled as a large junior dress which was a lot nicer to try on than the woman sizes I usually do. Plus it seems to lie nicely.

The only bad thing I discovered tonight is that it's a little see through which may require a slip. UGH. I hate slips. These should totally be outlawed and material that requires it should also be outlawed. I really like this dress (I bought shoes too) so now I'm not sure if I should go with one of the other options or suck it up.

I bought this for the opera this weekend. I want to look good for this and I'm worried I'm not going to pull it off...especially if you can see through it. hmmm...a dilemma.

1 comment:

Kat said...

you MUST have a little black dress, its true!!! One that you feel pretty in, and comfortable. Glad you found a slip!