29 June 2008


There's nothing like an afternoon of baseball to relieve some aching tension in a person. This would be tension caused not only by your mother but also by stupid CBT programs that decide to stop working so you can't test on a subject or when you close out to take a break doesn't save where you left off.

The baseball game was great. It was a rival game between my now hometown and my former hometown. Unfortunately my former hometown lost, and their coach got kicked out of the game for reasons that we still don't understand. They had just hit a homer with one on base and suddenly the homeplate ump turns to the dugout and throws him out, so the coach comes up and starts screaming and yelling and had a little trouble throwing off his hat (that was the humorous part).

I'm thinking I should probably shift my support to the hometeam for this one. I wasn't that close to the former hometown team and since I already support the Indians instead of the expected MLB team, maybe if I support this team people will cut me some slack.

I was thinking during the game that I should either by season tickets or just force myself to go to the games. They are a lot of fun but I rarely go. I wouldn't have gone today except my sister called to invite me along, which was super sweet.

It's been really nice to be home this weekend and not having any obligations other than CBTs. I like down weekends like this. It's good for re-energizing. People don't believe me when I tell them I'm an introvert and need weekends like this but it's so true.

Well, I'm going to relax and downshift for a half hour and then watch Nanny McPhee which is so fun! :)

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