03 June 2008

Where would you work?

First - KEG, "BIL" is my Brother-In-Law.

Second - wcco.com had a great article online yesterday. Read this first.

So I was really intrigued by this article. I am both excited by the idea of working whenever and wherever I want, but also a little apprehensive. But lucky for me, my job will probably never change because structure is all we have.

The part that I really, really liked was the removal of the "sludge" - that toxic language. I totally wish that could happen even if my job remains the same. I get so tired of hearing people question someone else's hours or where they are. My rationale for my own hours is that the only person who needs to be concerned is Boss1. If he's okay with my hours then that's all that matters, and I take that belief toward everyone else. I don't care if other's are out on "comp time" or vacation or sick. It's not my issue - I'm not their supervisor. Hell, I can barely take care of myself.

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