17 June 2008

How much do you start at once?

Today proves that I'm a very idiotic woman.

Not only did I run this morning (only 2 miles, I was feeling sluggish - or just heavy and out of shape - take your pick) to start my morning workout regime, I also started back on South Beach and it's rag week. Could I pick a worse time to start everything?

Or maybe it could be the best time to start everything. Slam everything on myself at once and then I can't put it off another week.

Anyway, my run this morning was good, other than the out-of-shape-heavy feeling I had. It was absolutely beautiful this morning. How can a person not like a morning that smells of damp, fresh mown grass and the sounds of planes taking off? *sigh* It was lovely.

The only bad thing about working out anytime during the day when work follows is that I have a tendency to get hot when I run. It can be the middle of winter and my face will flush. It's just the nature of moe, I guess. The problem is it takes a while for the redness to go away even if I feel great and I've rinsed cold water on my face to cool it down. So inevitably I get these comments from co-workers like, "Wow, you look like you've had some sun this weekend," meaning I look like a lobster, or "Are you okay?" which is annoying because if I wasn't okay I'd look worse, or "Must have been a hot and hard workout" which is usually implied by some a-hole who's trying to be funny.

I just hate the comments. Yes, I get a red face when I run. Yes, people are always concerned for my health because of it. No, I'm not dying. NO, I don't need your help. If I do, I'll let you know.

I'm just not a pale-faced runner I guess. Maybe that will come in time.

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