12 June 2008

Days one and two

Ah, traveling.

Yesterday, Debbie and I set off on our journey. We traveled through 5 states yesterday (well, I did...Debbie only had 4). We should have popped up to Canada to make this whole thing international. Oh well.

On our way we ran into some great weather - lots of rain, sheets of it, in fact. We saw where the major flooding is occurring in Wisconsin, in places where it was even a few feet from the interstate. Not good.

We're trying to figure out a way to siphon all this water and transfer it to California for the fires but we're not sure our whole suck and blow routine will really work. So instead, here's a picture of a pumpkin.

Sadly, that pumpkin was probably the highlight of day one. Basically it was just driving. We did see Chicago but it was dark. I do believe it's still there though. At least Garmin, aka Impy, said so multiple times as she recalculated our journey. The bitch.

Today, more driving. We stopped in Sandusky, Ohio, for lunch, which was quite a joy and I called all my Tommy Boy friends to boast that I was there.

Then we made it to our first and greatest destination. SEE?

Debbie's questioning my "first and greatest" comment. "Primary destination" is probably more accurate. Yes, we made it to Cleveland and saw Progressive Field (formerly known as The Jake) right as we headed into downtown. I contained my excitement but snapped several pictures as we navigated to our hotel.
After seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we headed to the field for the Indians vs. Twins game. We had pretty rockin' seats and I was super excited to feel right at home with my fellow Indians fans. For once my judgment wasn't questioned as to the reasoning behind my support for the Indians. However, and perhaps sadly for Debbie, her judgment was questioned since she wore her Twins jersey there. She took the ribbing in stride though even as the...
The INDIANS WON! 12-2. Wow. What an incredible game. I was truly excited. I only wish we would have made this a three-game series instead just one. Apparently the Indians fireworks display on Friday's is awesome. Plus it's 70s weekend and I even brought my blue John Lennon sunglasses. And we're gonna miss it...That damn Madame Butterfly. Oh well...just another reason to come back.

Tomorrow it's on to Cincinnati. Woohoo! I'll be wearing a dress for the first time since Sarah and Eric's wedding...last August. Debbie is commenting that she's never seen me in a dress, unless you count a choir robe which doesn't really count since I had pants on underneath. And I was freaking out earlier about what to wear to the Madame and settled on this dress even though Evans! said I could wear a pantsuit.

Should be interesting.


Sarah said...

Hey, sorry I haven't had a chance to email you back. Probably won't get a chance to till later this week.

Hope your trip went well and know that Eric just say this blog and is insanely jealous!

CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

No dresses? I know you are on vacation and I hope you are having a wonderful time...But I think I must take you shopping some time and dress you up some. We could have a great time...I love you just the way you are...but I also see this as an excuse to shop.