10 June 2008

Crazy day

Today was insane. I woke up in the middle of the night with a solution to my dress problem. I remembered that a very long time ago I bought a negligee thing for a night out with my then boyfriend. Well, it actually can double as a slip quite nicely, surprisingly. I tried it out this morning and I think it will work well.

So Yay! That problem is solved. I didn't get my run in this morning, though I really wish I could have. I did run at noon but it was humid and I had forgotten my short sleeve shirt at home and had to wear my bright yellow Brooks longsleeve, as shown here.

I passed Gil on the road and he said, "Nice shirt. I could see you a mile back." Joey and Wayne saw me and Joey said, "Hello, sunbeam." Yeah, yeah. Sorry boys for burning the retinas of your eyes. At least you won't run me over.

The rest of the day was just busy. I was running everywhere trying to finalize things, because... I'm on vacation again! WOOHOO!

Tomorrow starts my second vacation in two weeks. I so need this. And I'm really excited for this trip. I'll write more of it on the road.

Remember this woman? Well after my last trip one of my cool co-workers told me that after I had left she stood in front of my door, glaring at my board which said that I was out for my vacation. She told the girl who was helping her that week that she was upset because I hadn't told her I was going to be gone because she was my back up.

So today when I left my cool co-worker said he'd keep an eye out on my stuff because she'll probably be mad again. She's not my back up and I really wish she'd get over that.

But now, I need to finish packing and get ready for my awesome trip and put all this crap out of my mind.

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