30 May 2008

Voices 30

If I had been able to access my blog today and post you would have read two very long posts with me venting about stupid things happening at work. But since I'm not allowed to read blogs at work (they're blocked) that would mean I would have been at home to have access and thusly not have to deal with the stupid things happening at work and there would be nothing to post.

But as it is, I finally have settled down and I don't really want to post just to post it. A short version though, just for fun:

This morning I had a co-worker stand in front of my desk, arms crossed, and stare me down while telling me in a very angry, raised voice that she is my backup and she HAS to have a copy of that so-called appointment letter (which isn't an appointment letter at all, but a directory listing in the form of a letter). This pissed me off so much because a) she's NOT my backup anymore just because years ago she used to be the backup for my various predecessors and b) just because she thinks she needs a copy of the letter for her master file which she looks at once every 5 years doesn't mean she actually should have a copy of the letter and c) I hate when people try to intimidate me with raised voices and telling me "It's the way it's always been done." Bite me.

I was ready to drink at 8:30 this morning. I didn't though, and things were going okay until 2 pm when another project took 5 times and 2 hours to get it right because people kept changing their mind and needing to get set up on the program to make it work and then we had to change it because it "has to be right" even though it could have been canceled next week and fixed when we weren't under such a time crunch. By 2:30pm I was ready to drink again and I could have at 4pm during a end of the day briefing but I thought better of it.

Instead it took me from 5-8 to downshift. During that time I had supper, waited 15 minutes for mom to show up to go to a baseball game, sat in cold wind and then rain and then finally I was able to forget about the day.

And it's Friday. YAY! I'm so happy it's Friday. I know this isn't really a voices post but it would have been more so if I had had access during the day. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this is all I can give you.

And on that note, I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

I hate the, "It's always been done this way" mentality. Ugh!

Best of luck through that!

Kat said...

hmm. I don't think I like her.