24 May 2008


K&E and I watched Sweet Land tonight. K really wanted me to watch it and I've been meaning to so this was probably a good time to do so.

I really liked this movie, of course I'm a sucker for a romance. Plus there were some seriously funny parts (I thought). It was sweet.

I liked that the gal who plays Rebecca on Grey's Anatomy starred in it. She was pretty impressive. And the guy who played Olaf is super cute.

I should be more reflective tonight but I'm just not quite awake anymore. Maybe tomorrow. Plus I want to watch it again before I really get into talking about it. I like to watch things more than once so I can really grasp what it was and how it moved me. More to come.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to put this on my netflix cue. Thanks for the recommendation and I look forward to reading your eval of the movie! :)