18 May 2008

Small world

I forgot to mention this on the previous post but today was kind of funny. I'm sitting at the conference and one of the presenters comes up and asks me, "Are you related to Carrie and Dave?"

Uh, hello! This guy grew up in this area but hasn't lived here in 30 plus years. I get these questions a lot based off my last name and as it happens this time I could, shockingly, say, Yes! Though he got confused and thought they were my aunt and uncle when in fact they are my 1st cousins.

I haven't thought about Carrie and Dave, or their siblings, in a long time. When I was younger, mucho younger, we would have family get togethers at their lake house. Their father, my uncle, was my hero and mentor. I was always pissed that he died so young because he was going to teach me Norwegian, and he had given me a cup and saucer that he said had a great story behind them though he never told me what it was. That's for a time when you're older, he said. I never heard it.

Carrie and I had a connection because, of the first cousins on this side of the family, she was the oldest and I was the youngest. Dave and I always got along, I'm not sure why, but I just thought he was amazing when I was younger.

I haven't seen Carrie in probably 5 years and I haven't seen Dave in maybe 10 if not more. I kind of miss those family times, but we've grown so far apart anymore - literally. Crazy. It really is a small world.

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