08 May 2008


Tonight was group night on two levels. One, it was Bunco night and the final night for the season. I've been in the lead overall since last month's awesome game night, so tonight everyone was out for blood (so to speak - we really do just play for fun).

Anyway, I was having a crappy night. Julie just needed 100 points more than me to take first place. And it was very possible with the way I was rolling. I felt really bad for Nikki. It was her first night out, we were partnered up toward the end of the games and had 43 points on the books when suddenly she rolled a Snake Eyes and wiped out our score. Apparently my face just dropped. She felt so bad! I have to make it up to her tomorrow. I need to find something to give her because I don't want her to feel bad.

In the end, I won by a few points - not by much but enough. We divide up the overall pot to the top 4 winners so I got 40% of the pot, or $60. Nice. I needed that.

I felt bad because normally the winner buys the gals a round at the end but Tre had emailed yesterday wanting to see Group. We don't spend much time together and so when we can I try to. The show was at 8 and we're usually done by 7:30 so it worked out, except for me having to ditch everyone.

The show was good, though probably one I'd only see once. No offense folks, if you tag back to me here. It was interesting and at one point Tre leaned over and said there was too much chaos going on at the same time. Luckily this was only during one portion of the musical so it wasn't too overwhelming. I thought the Freud/Mother segment wasn't needed. It really wasn't needed for a costume change since a 15 minute intermission followed, but I'm not the director or writer.

Overall it was a good show. And of course, I'm a sap so I teared up at parts but nothing overwhelming like I've had occasion to do in the past.

But now I'm exhausted. I've been busy every single night this week, which is unusual for me. Tomorrow night I'm totally vegging.

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Anonymous said...

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