16 May 2008

Voices 16

The voice of change came to my state today. Unlike JB I didn't go to the rally. I wanted to but with the conference I have to go to tomorrow (I needed to do laundry) and with my recent illness I thought it would be better to just stay home. No need infecting 7000 people with my sickness.

The cool thing is the Tommy Daschle spoke before Barack took the stage. I met Tom once. He was campaigning for senate (I think - at least it was congress of some sort) and he was going door to door...back in the days when that was normal. Anyway, I think I was 5 maybe and he came to our door. Mom was taking a nap or something and so he just gave me stickers and asked me to give my parents some literature.

I was so excited. First, he was cute back then (not that he isn't now) and I'm not one to not look at a cute man. Second, he gave me stickers! I was stoked. I put the stickers on my little green desk I had with the chalkboard top and the magnetic board on the inside. If I ever get back to mom's I'll take a picture and post it. The stickers are still there (though quite worn since that was almost 30 years ago).

Anyway... here's a video - a little of Tommy and Barack - if you want to watch.

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