17 May 2008

Voices 17

Today I'm heading to a conference. It's a conference about leadership and organizational effectiveness. It should be good.

Besides hearing from several of our top people in our organization, we'll also be talking about Q12, the "employee engagement survey" through Gallup. AND, my favorite, we'll be working on Strength Finders.

We did the latter at my former job. It was quite fun to see who had traits of 'responsibility', or 'context', or most importantly - 'woo'. I was talking with one of my colleagues during our last work weekend and she said, "I have the woo." We both started laughing and then starting picking out people walking down our hallway. "There's Jon, he totally has the woo." That's totally our new saying. Do you have the woo?

It should be a good conference, despite that I'm up at the butt-crack of dawn on a Saturday. But this is just getting me prepped for my return to this week's former plan of getting up and running before work when I start that Monday.

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Anonymous said...

What's the woo? Am I THAT out of touch with reality?