02 May 2008

Voices 2

In keeping with this month's NaBloPoMo theme of Voices, I went to a Hymn Fest at a nearby church tonight. Of course the bonus to all of this is that it was being led by my AWESOME friend Mark. And of course I'm only saying that because Mark said he was going to start reading my blog.

haha...just kidding. Mark is awesome, as anyone who knows him knows is true. And this was such a bonus because someone from the cities was actually here, near me, where I could see them without having to drive 4 hours! :) Not that I mind, because I don't, but it was a nice change.

First, the hymn fest was great. For a Friday night it was a pretty nice crowd (I thought). The hymns and choral music was incredible, and since I had sang most of it with Mark when I was up in the cities. It was great to sing Nimemwona Bwana again and Mark even brought along Big Red. (forgive me, mark, if I spelled that wrong)

After we finished things up and Mark and I freaked people out by blowing kisses to each other, he and I went for a beer. It was great to catch up and reconnect. So many things have happened for us both since we saw each other last. In fact, I think the last time we saw each other for more than a church date it was last June during the Pride Party. Oh and Mark, I forgot to tell you to pass on hellos to Jeff, Gus and Buddy. Give them each a hug for me and send pictures soon!

I've had a couple good weekends lately, reconnecting with my cities friends and helping me get back to normal. I can't let this many weeks pass without a Cities moment again. I need it.

Well...off to bed for me. Tomorrow I get to work! YAY!

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