11 May 2008

Voices 11

Happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating this day.

So many of my friends are mom's or soon-to-be mom's or just became mom's or will be mom's someday in the future. It's a happy time.

Me? I'm a Godmama. I'm so excited about this new venture in my life. Granted I've been a Godmother before - but to boys who are actually my nephews too. So the aunt thing kind of wins out over Godmother (it should probably be the other way around).

But now I'm an honest-to-goodness Godmama. Nika is adorable and I get to meet her in person in less than 2 weeks! Around 10 days, give or take a day - depending on how you count. YAY! I'm going to tell her bunches of stories and spoil her sweeter (instead of rotten). She's so cute and I can't wait to hear all she has to say.

I'm thinking of seeing if Nika would be okay with just calling me the GM. :) That could be fun.

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