14 May 2008

Voices 14

My boss and I have a running joke. He started it. A few months back he sneezed a few times and I blessed him, of course, and then he said, "I must be allergic to work." We've kept this going for awhile.

Well, when I get sick, I sneeze. I've graduated to a little cough now, too. Joy. But today I went on one of my sneeze rampages (those of you who know me personally understand this - I think I had 11) and he said, "You must really be allergic to work." I said, "Can I use my sick time then?"

He didn't respond, which was probably wise since I have a pile of work on my desk and I had stupidly hinted this morning on our way to a meeting that we should be playing hooky today (not together) because it was a beautiful 64 all day, blue sky and NO wind.

I really wanted to run today. But I'm so sick that there were points during the day where I had to prop my head up with my hands because it was so heavy it wouldn't stay up on its own.

What also sucked is that my nephew was having a preschool program tonight and I really wanted to go, but he has a little sister and I don't want to get either of them sick.

So I didn't run and just came home after work. Sadly my head kept yelling at me that I should go run. So I compromised. I went for a walk. The fresh air did do me some good for a little while. And the moving helped me to breathe a little better. Hopefully I can get better soon. I desperately need to run.

And because I haven't done this in awhile, I thought I'd share a couple pictures with things that made me happy today.

This is my park. When I run, I run by David all the time.
If you can see, there's a river just beyond the end
of the cement down there on the left.
Across the river there's a nice hill leading up to the bridge.

These are flowers and my new Chuck's.
The latter made me extremely happy today.
I've wanted Chuck's for a very long time and finally I just ordered them.
Aren't they cute? I love, love, love them!


Anonymous said...

LOL! You shouldn't have gone to work in the first place! Your logic is right on about your nephew and niece and them catching your illness! So, if in the future, you're feeling like crapola, you just need to take a sick day and rest! (Do I sound like a mom? I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound so bossy!!)

Kat said...

Hope you feel better soon. If you are into trying one of my natural cures, this always works fast - food grade hydrogen peroxide - 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water a couple of times a day. I just cured a sinus infection in a day with this dilution, squirting it up my nose every few hours. Its uncomfortable but works fast. Doesn't taste bad or anything. Its 17 1/2% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Might be able to find it online or at a health food store? Here's what I got: http://drclarkstore.com/10062e.html
It says on that site that its for tooth care, but its the same stuff.
Ok. I'm going on and on with my hippy dippy cure for colds, but if you want to know more stuff you can use it for, email me!
Wishing you well!