15 May 2008

Voices 15

We start today with my voice as I dragged my sorry ass out of bed this morning. I slept poorly last night, again, though I didn't wake up. I was out like a rock but I just didn't wake up rested. But I headed to work wishing I had gotten up early enough for a chai but that didn't happen.

Anyway, my morning was going okay though I sounded bad and my Dayquil just wouldn't kick in. My voice was very scraggly and Deaner said I looked awful. He said, "You know they give you sick time for a reason. Your eyes look awful and your nose is red from blowing it."

Yeah, yeah. Thanks, Deaner. Of course he's also the one who told me that the time that's important for me to be in the office when Boss1 is in the office and Boss1 has had a rare week of actually being here, so I was feeling a little obligated to hang around. Plus I'm taking a few days off next week and I have piles of work to do.

Well, I finished my letters I needed to mail out and as I was walking back from the mailroom Deaner ran into me again. He said, "You need to go home." I said, "Will you tell my boss that?" So he did. Which I was planning to leave anyway, but I went in to his office right as Deaner was reminiscing about some guy from across the street who used to come in and by noon he'd be sick and leave. Then Dean said, "Moe doesn't look good...she should go home." I started laughing and said, "Sir, may I go home?" Boss1 said yes. And then I confirmed that he had meetings out of the office the rest of the afternoon so I wouldn't feel guilty about not being there (but less face it, I still am a little). Of course I also told him I'd have my phone on if he needed anything. Pathetic, aren't I?

I stopped by the grocer and picked up OJ and 7-up and started downing that as soon as I got home. Then I crashed on the couch and fell asleep for a few hours.

It's been nice to be home and rest up, but I hate this. I don't like being sick and I don't like that I'm not adult enough to stand up for myself and admit that I'm sick. I had to ask permission! Sheesh. You'd think I'd be beyond that.

The good thing of today is that I was able to catch up on Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty so I can watch tonight without feeling completely lost. And I got to curl up on my couch with my Chuck's and my blue blanket (the latter which makes me want to watch The Producers again.)

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Anonymous said...

Well, don't feel guilty for taking your sick time. We all get sick from time to time. It happens. Your boss also understands that you're not a robot.

Hope you get to feelin' better!