27 May 2008

Voices 27

Tonight's drive home was 7 hours of a lot of fun. I got to talk with my sister and then my brother from out east called.

The former and I are working on a mini trip to the cities for her son to see his favorite team play baseball. So our chat tonight was working details. It should be great.

The latter and I were working on another trip to a semi-central location where he and I can meet up. I don't get to see him as often as I'd like, though he'd tell me time and again that he's offered me his frequent flier miles and I could come anytime. I think I'm going to take him up on that this year. I do miss him. He and I were really close when I was little but then he moved away and it's been tough since.

But usually while I drive I sing. Tonight I sang to Maia, Mika, Wallis Bird, and Take 6. My voice is husky now, but I love this. I love singing at the top of my lungs in my car. This is why I usually like my road trips on my own. I'm able to just be me and sing however I want to. It's great.

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Anonymous said...

7 hours! Geesh! I love road trips, too...reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents FORCED us to ride in the car for hours.

Hope you had safe travels!