09 May 2008

Voices 9

This was not the day for me to speak or write. I totally screwed up multiple times today. So much so that I'm vegging tonight at home.

It started with me not inviting Boss2 to the breakfast across the street. Guys in the other shop occasionally make their own version of McMuffins (MOC-Muffins, for those who understand). Anyway, Kim and I have our system for muffin day - she doesn't like egg and I don't like cheese so we swap. She gets double cheese (and ham) and I get double egg (and ham - one of the few times I actually eat pork). It's awesome.

Well, usually Boss2 is gone when we have these. Once, after the guys called me for breakfast, I invited Boss2 over too. Well, I got schooled on that quickly. So this morning I just snuck out. (Shame). Well, eventually JP called him and invited him over. Boss2 showed up and I was still there. He was annoyed. "I thought you were my wingman for this...but no, you just sneak out without saying a word." Whoops.

Then later, JonG was looking for someone to help with a new hire and so I called Boss2 on his phone, thinking maybe he was at lunch. Well, no...he was at a meeting with Boss1 and other higher ups which I had completely spaced. Whoops again.

Then I was emailing my friend GB and totally messed up almost every line. I couldn't formulate a sentence, nor follow a train of conversation. It was bad.

THEN...wait...I think I blocked that one.

Anyway...my voices are pretty much empty tonight.

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