04 May 2008

Voices 4

It's thump thump season. Did you know that? The sun is out now, and I'm fairly certain that the snow is finished at least until November. So that means it's thump thump season.

Basically this means that the kids in my neighborhood (and by kids I'm also including all the so called 'adults' that live nearby) are cranking their stereo's which have the bass turned way up and the treble down so as they drive by the entire apartment building vibrates with the thump thump.

I'm not against music or turning it up when it's rockin'; trust me, I do it myself. Though I do feel it has a time and place (i.e. not 2 am in an apartment parking lot).

My only question is, do they thump thump during the winter too? If so, how can they even hear to enjoy it? They must be deaf by now. We're required double hearing protection at work around loud engines, and there are times when the thump-thumpers are louder than any engine I'm around. I worry about these kids (adults).

The good thing is that with the return of the thump thump, it's pretty much safe to say that spring is here. Thank God.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahhh! young people and their loud music! Makes my ears want to bleed just reading this!