05 May 2008

Voices 5 - a continued continuation

I felt a little bad about the girl last night. She kept screaming (after I had logged off): "I will not lower my voice! I don't want to lower my voice! Why won't you love me? I did everything for you! Why won't you love me?"

This went on for another half hour. I debated going down and trying to calm her down or at least telling her that if the guy doesn't love her and she's had to do everything for him, then he's probably not worth the time or energy she's sinking into this scream fest that's making her sound bad and keeping the neighborhood up.

But I didn't because despite the fact that I love my apartment and for the most part it's location (right by the bike trail) it's not in the best part of town. And who knows what kind of weapon she was yielding besides her cell phone and set of lungs.

It's just too bad. She sounded young so I'm sure this is just the first of many breakups for her. It got me thinking about my relationship breakups. Not that I haven't had many because I just haven't had the joys of that as many of my friends have. I'm totally not a Sex and the City girl. But here are a couple stories:

My college boyfriend broke up with me via letter - a true Dear Jane letter though he spelled my name wrong which pissed me off and didn't help matters. I know I cried over that one but I knew it was coming because he had gotten really distant in the previous month or so. It was hard to confront him before he finally sent the letter because he had gone off to grad school so we didn't have plans to see each other until Thanksgiving.

I do know that I sent back all his crap to him with a letter saying something about how I'm sure it was all my fault (I was young and didn't know better) which led to his then girlfriend (the one he started dating before breaking up with me) calling me up and forcing him to tell me that it, in fact, wasn't my fault and the knucklehead (as she called him) was going to explain things to me.

My first grad school breakup was almost comical. We had "dated" for a month and during that time he had he mentioned at one point that so many of his relationships had only lasted a month. I verified that fact on the sly with his friends, but he said that he loved me so we would make it. (That was comical too - he loved me after 2 weeks, really? This from the guy who's never had a committed relationship?) He was also my tutor for one of my language classes.

Well, one month - to.the.day. - I was working on my language final and he came to my dorm room and said he thought we should break up. Too bad for him I'm known as Calendar Girl with my friends. He went through his spiel and I just sat and nodded. When he finished I said, "Okay." He did a double take and said, "Is that it?" I said, "Well, I figured this was going to happen. It's a month to the day since we started 'dating'." He just said, "And you're not upset?" So, me being the theatrical girl that I am, I said, "Do you want me to cry? Do you want me to get mad?" And then proceeded to force out some tears and raised my voice a decibel (I'm not that loud of a talker), gave him a little what for and then told him to leave because I had to finish my final.

He left, I finished and turned in my paper, and went for a run. During that time, he went to a guy in our class whom I would never talk to, but told him that he was worried about me. Patrick came to my door and knocked but obviously I didn't answer since I was running and thus began the search party for me. It was hilarious. It was even more so later when one of the other guys in my class said to me, "I suppose you're going to break up with J. now since class was over." And my friend looked at me in shock and I started laughing and said, "Unless he breaks up with me first." I busted out laughing and left. Later that guy came up to me and said, "I'm so sorry!" Whatever, it made me laugh.

I've had others, some not so fun, but I don't ever think I've been at the all out screaming point as the girl was last night. Of course, I've mentioned before that I'm not really one to get mad anyway. I just don't go there. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just not emotional enough. Who knows.

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Anonymous said...

Your story made me think of one of the guys I dated in high school. I can't remember his name, not sure it really matters...lol...anyway, I left the lights on in my car and my battery was dead. He came and rescued me. Later, he had his friend come to where I worked and told me that he was breaking up with me.

I didn't really like him all that well, but I believed in fate and thought that it had brought us together...lol...

So, I called him at home, while I at work and said, "So are we breaking up?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "Good! I'm glad. I have a date for tomorrow night." "With who?" "The guy you sent here to tell me you were breaking up with me!"

I think he was furious...I don't really know. Funny story, anyway!

Poor girl. There are other fishes in the sea!