26 May 2008

Honoring those who have gone before us

Today we celebrate Memorial Day. It's always seemed like a sad day to me, and in many ways it is. But I also like to think of the good things about today.

The men and women who we honor today, those who died in service or having had served in our militaries, those are the ones who helped to build our country to what it is today. These are the ones who fought the Revolutionary War and freed us from Britain. These are the ones who fought brother against brother to free the slaves. These are the ones who fought the Great War and World War II. These are those who went into unknown areas to save lives.

These people are heroes. They fought, they died, and they gave their all so we can have what we have.

God bless all those in the military - past and present. Thank you for your service. I'm proud to stand among you.


Anonymous said...

And thank you for your sacrifice!

Kat said...

I got an email from an old friend of mine today - he's a war veteran - and he signed off with, "Happy Memorial Day!" I wrote back, "Um... that's kind of an oxymoron, isn't it?" He lol'd and said he'd been saying it to people all day, and I was the first one to "get" it, everyone else just said it back. How funny. Memorial day just means bbqs and shopping to a lot of people, I guess. I agree it is kind of a sad day - at least somber. Thanks to all those who fought/fight for the rest of us.