12 May 2008

Voice 12

The voice of reason and objectivity can sometimes seem harsh, but let's face it the truth hurts.

Mtanga was totally right today. She commented on my post here where I was being all pathetic and... well, me. I really needed to hear this.

Girl, you are so right. I've been thinking about your comment all day. You're totally right. I can dress how I want to. I think I've dressed the way I have - jeans and tees - because I feel like I live in a hick town. But I don't have to dress that way. I also think that initially when I moved back it was out of comfort having had to dress up all the time before, but now I've just gotten lazy and have slipped into complacency. (My only kudos to myself is that I haven't slipped into swishy pants yet. Thank God for that - at least I've kept some of my standards.)

If I want to feel better and dress better than I need to just step up and do that. Even pink suspenders if I want to. It's funny because I never defend why I like the Indians, so why I'm being so pathetic about what I wear, I don't know.

On a similar note, Andrea asked a good question today. This is my answer: "Today I am willing to receive constructive criticism and advice, especially when it helps me to see that my self-loathing isn't doing me any good and that I can be the person I want to be even if others think it odd."

Thanks, Mtanga.


Mtanga said...

My goodness - it's true what my mom always said - you don't know what power your comments have over others, so always choose your words carefully.

I'm sorry, Moe, I did not mean to be harsh. I just wanted to point out your value-judgement on pretty dress up clothes vs. "true" you.

Life is too short. Be nice to yourself (everyone else will follow suit, eventually).

Of course, advise is always easier to dispense than actually follow :)

Ok now I actually should get back to work...

Karen Elizabeth said...

Wow, I can totally relate to what you said about "feeling like a fraud" when you wear dresses. I've always thought nobody noticed what I wear, including myself. I watched that show were they film a person for a few days and then point out how bad their clothes actually are, and that's when I realized that I would look pretty bad on camera with my clothes. So lately, though with the same clothes I've had all year since I've not bought anything here, I've made little changes and try to look more "put together". But as far as fancy clothes are concerned, as much as I want to, dresses still make me feel insecure. I didn't realize it, but I dress so people won't notice me, not so that they will. Attention, preceived or true, is unsettling to me.