09 May 2008

Smile time! RAK with chai

Okay, one more thing... yesterday BB and I were chatting about random acts o' kindness and such.

I had stopped into Starbucks yesterday on my way to the dentist but because I wasn't getting my usual drink I went inside so I didn't throw off my order. I actually was picking up a tall non-fat chai for KC which I had promised her I would do Wednesday afternoon during the time I was blocking out the fact I had to get a crown the next day. Anyway...I went in and was chatting with the gal who usually makes my drink and I saw BB in the drive thru. We waved and blah blah blah.

Later that day I stopped in to say hi and we got to talking about a time she had bought drinks for some of her friends who were in the drive thru while she was inside putting in her order. But she mentioned how she's always wanted to buy the drinks for whoever was behind her in line, but she never had. I said I had the same thought but I never had either. Usually I didn't have enough cash on me or I just chickened out at the last minute.

Well today, I decided I was going to do it. I know this isn't a big thing, but I wanted to take a step and do something for someone else. So I had my cash ready (and extra just in case they ordered a lot) and drove up to the window. I think I threw off the cashier (not the normal gal) when I said I wanted to buy for the person behind me. It took her awhile to figure out how to do it. I don't know why she just didn't ring up mine and then ring up the next one. But whatever. To each his own.

But then I did one more thing, and now I'm not sure if this was the right thing. I asked the lady to give the person behind me a Smile card I got from here when they pulled up. I probably didn't need to give the card, I could have done without it, but I did anyway.

Of course, when I tried to leave I wanted to sneak out into traffic super quick so they wouldn't take down my license number or anything and start stalking the crazy lady who bought them their coffee for the morning, but of course traffic was super busy.

The weird thing, I felt nervous and unsure the entire time I did it. I'm not sure if that means I shouldn't be doing it or I need to do this more. Who knows.

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jb said...

ha! my friend laura had the person in front of her pay it forward one morning at caribou not too long ago ... not only did it make her day, but it made my day just to hear that good stuff like that actually happens!