28 May 2008

Voices 28

The voices of children are so very precious. Of course, I'm more sensitive about this since I had to leave my Nika behind yesterday. I spent most of the day flipping through my pictures today and I told Boss1 that this was the first time since I started working with him that I didn't want to come back.

Before I let you look at another adorable picture of Nika, I have to tell you a few stories about my niece and nephew - Emmy and Zach.

Today these kids learned what it means to "put a cow down." This doesn't mean putting down the stuffed toy or setting down your hamburger between bites; nope - this cow had to die. She wasn't doing well so it was in the cow's best interest.

If you don't know, the cow has to be shot before being slaughtered. Emmy was going to watch but her wise mama told her she wouldn't want to. So Emmy ran into the house, but as soon as she heard the shot she wanted to go out and see. Unfortunately, she went out just as they were slitting the throat to drain the blood. Whoops! She won't be eating beef for awhile. In fact, she had a PB&J for supper and just before she took a bite she looked at her mom woefully and said, "Is there meat in this?"

She also had a moment where she looked back and saw all the other cows gathering around the dead cow and she turned to her mom and said, "I think they're having a funeral."

And then, to add to things, at the baseball game tonight Granny told her about butchering chickens when she was little, and was nice and graphic about it. I'm thinking Emmy's going to be a vegetarian for awhile. Too bad since she loves to eat.

My nephew had his own little fun with his dad. My brother-in-law's brother is getting married in a couple months and Zach asked his dad (my BIL) if he was going to be best man. BIL said no, that that would be Justin. So Zach says, "So does that make you the pallbearer then?" :)

What was the Art Linkletter/Bill Cosby show? Kids Say the Darndest Things? How true is that!

Well, I'm still trying to recover from my awesome trip so I'm going to leave you with this sweet picture of me and Nika. She's not looking really happy because I left moments after we took this picture - it's a good thing we took it at this point because about 5 seconds later I was bawling like a little girl.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, those things happen!

I was about 10 or 11. My brother and I were wih my grandma at her family's farm in Kansas. She said that my brother and I had to kill the chicken for supper. I had never done this before (nor will I ever do it again...but it was an experience!) The expression, "Running around like a chicken with its head cut off..." has new meaning to me today ;) We did manage to kill the chicken...but she ran off and nearly got hit by a car. Thankfully, no one was hit by oncoming traffic!

We got the chicken back and we had to turn it upside down! EWWW and we're gonna EAT that thing? LOL

After that, my dad says to me, "What you should have done is broken its neck or strangled it, instead of cutting off its head. He said he had done the same thing the first time his mom told him to kill a chicken for supper! (A little head's up would have been nice!!! LMAO!)