06 May 2008

Voices 6

This is one those days where I just wish I could have stayed in bed. In fact my head was telling me to do that most of the day... "Moe...go home...you have comp time...use it...go home." But I didn't. I stayed and worked.

But it was a pathetic day on the work front. I couldn't get or stay focused. My mind kept rolling and not stopping on one thing. It just wasn't good.

Finally I gave up, told Boss2 I was going to go home for an hour or so and regroup and then come back and work. I hadn't taken a lunch so it sort of became a really late lunch. Luckily he's cool with plans like that on occasion (I can't make a habit of it).

So while I was driving home I was trying to figure out what I should have for dinner. I began replaying in my head what I've had the past few days. That conversation went like this:

Last night, chicken
Sunday night, chicken
Saturday night, chicken
Friday night - cheese pizza with chicken
Thursday, scrambled eggs (a form of chicken)
Wednesday, chicken
Tuesday, chicken wings at BW3s
Monday, I didn't eat because my mouth was numb - that was an ice cream night
Sunday, chicken
Saturday, chicken - at Chevy's no less
Friday, pizza with chicken
Thursday, chicken
Wednesday, chicken
Tuesday, chicken
scrambled eggs (a form of chicken)

Do you see a pattern? Yeah, I did and it was scary. My mind was listless (despite the list) and I realized my lack of focus was in that I haven't had red meat in a very, very long time. Even when I went to my niece's birthday we had pork (I think) which I rarely eat, but we all know that pork is the other white meat.

This has happened to me before. Usually I don't go over a month (possibly more this time, I stopped counting after three weeks of chicken) without something - roast beef, a hamburger, steak, something. But it has been awhile. And I know I could probably substitute the iron and fortification I get from red meat with vitamins but I always forget to take them.

So on my way back to work (yes, I went back) I grabbed a hamburger kids meal at BK. Not only did a get an invisible ink pen which works, I got my focus back. I went back and holed up in my office for 3 hours and got a ton of work done. It was great. I feel so much better. I have energy and life again. I even read tonight which I haven't done in awhile either.

My apologies to all you vegetarians out there, but all I can say is, thank God for beef.


Anonymous said...

"Tuesday, chicken wings at BW3s"

Are you in Ohio? My husband's family is from there! I think I've eaten at BW3! Yummm...yet another thing that I miss about the states!

Kat said...

Ya know...if beef makes you feel that much better...you might want to eat it a little more often. How about some fish? Omega 3's baby. Can't beat 'em. Beans and rice! Mix 'er up a little. =)