04 May 2008

Voices continued

See, this is why I love spring and thump thump season and yet I hate it. I like to leave my windows open for fresh air. I used to live in basements (since 2001 I lived in two different basements) and they had no windows. Now I'm above ground and I love love love having my windows open.

But like I mentioned before, it's thump thump season and I'm in an apartment complex with the parking lot right below my window. Often people will have conversations (read: fights) which graciously drift into my apartment. Tonight there's a girl screaming into the phone (I think, I didn't get up to check) about how she's "worked my ass off for you" and "now you won't even marry me?"

It's better than reality TV - hell, it's reality!


Anonymous said...

HAHAH! Yes, and why aren't they doing those kinds of fightin in the privacy of their own homes--they'd rather expose their crazy lives to the rest of us, why I'll never understand!


Sorry for ya!

CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

Oh, the drama, how fun! I use to hear my next door neighbor's teenage daughters phone conversations that they had on their deck and I had my windows open, it was a trip.
Teenage drama was always fun because everything is always the most important thing in the world.