27 May 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow. A great title.

Bawling could be heard for miles as I pulled away from K&E's today. Nika is such a sweetie and I love my urban family so much. I'm really going to miss them.

To commemorate my last day with them (for now) K and I went to a local salon and cut my hair. YEP! I did it! I've been bitching about this for months and with the nudge from K I finally did it. And she was sweet enough to take photos.

Here I am, pre-op. I was kind of nervous though K couldn't quite understand why. When we first met I had a short short short cut - kind of like a boy cut. It was simple but in the fall of '05 I decided to grow it out.

Here we go!

My last official hair cut had been in November '06. And part of what triggered this one today was when E tugged on my low braid I had in on Sunday and said, "You better cut this before the marathon - this is like 16 extra pounds!" True enough. Not to mention I've been sick of it for a long time and Locks of Love is a great program.

Holy shit! My hair is long!

So, Amanda at the salon - who was awesome, by the way - braided about 8 inches of it to cut off. This confused me a little bit because I thought you had to send in 10 inches, and the website for the salon said you had to have 9. Whatever. They do this all the time so I'm going to trust her on this one.

I was going to put in the picture where Amanda cut off the braid but I didn't like it (my face looked funny). Then I was going to put in the picture of my hair where it's kind of curly, but I didn't. I was surprised on this though. K and I were chatting about our high school haircuts, oh so long ago, and I said Mom always made me get a perm, which I hated. Amanda said, "That's surprising since you have a lot of curl back here." K took a pic and showed me and wow! I was shocked. Maybe I'll post that some other time - or maybe I'll just figure out how to make my hair curly on a normal day (Amanda gave me a tip) and I'll post that instead.

WOW! Look at that hair!

This was my favorite picture from the salon.

I love my hair now! It's so light and airy. Plus I can still pull it back in a little ponytail in the back, which is great for work and running. I probably won't be braiding my hair again for a long while, but at least I can still pull it up so I don't get so hot.

Thank you, K, for nudging me along. You knew I wanted to do this and you know me so well. Thank you!


CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

I'm glad you had a great vacay and the hair is soooo cute. I'm so happy for you cutting it. I think it was a great move...There's something about a major hair change that says "freedom" to me. You lost actual weight off your head, so it's even more freedom.
Have a great week

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the title. You have really pretty hair! Looks great!