26 May 2008

Voices 26

My whining voice is coming out. "I don't want to go home!" and yet I have to. It's probably time.

This has been such an awesome trip. Today K & I hung out for awhile while E went to a Memorial Day parade. Nika and I got to play, while mom ran an errand, which was super fun. After lunch E and I cut down an old and hung a new gutter over their deck while K and A sat on the swing with Nika. It was such a perfect day. I got to use Dad's old drill bits, which came in handy when we realized E didn't have quite the right size for the project. It all worked out well.

It's always fun to do house projects and it makes me really want to buy. I know the projects are tough work but what fun to step back and see the accomplishments you can make. It's such a rush. And it's fun to do the projects with E because we can banter and have a great time teasing each other while we work. That's what friends are for, I guess.

E grilled burgers and veggies for us for supper and we got to eat on the deck. This could not have been a more perfect day...seriously. The weather was beautiful - especially around supper because the wind went down so I wasn't getting little bits of cotton or flowers in my eyes - and the temperature perfect.

I relished today - it's my last day with Nika for awhile and the next time I see her I'll have to share her with a lot more family. I kept smelling her head (I've actually been doing this the whole trip). I love baby head smell. It's just so precious.

I love my urban family so much and I really do wish they lived closer. For that reason I thank God for the internet and blogs and that old stand by - the telephone - because without them, leaving tomorrow would kill me.

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Anonymous said...

It's always tough to leave family. It really is heartbeaking! But you have a lot of memories now :)

Safe travels!