29 May 2008

Voices 29

I remember reading once that everyone talks to themselves and those who don't think they do were just asking themselves, "Do I talk to myself? I don't think I do."

Then there were those who said that you were okay to talk to yourself as long as you didn't answer yourself.

Then you could answer yourself as long as there's only one person (yourself) in the conversation.

Well, I am a self-admitted self-talker. And I do it out loud. And I answer myself. And I often have more than one person in the conversation.

I'm a mess.

Truthfully, I tend to critique and criticize myself, as well as encourage myself to do something. I do this outloud because often I'm alone so it's the only voice I hear. And if I talk it out and I can hear what I'm saying when I'm trying to sort out a problem.

I'll talk to myself while I'm walking down the hallway, or on my way to get the mail. I'll talk to myself while I'm running, which not only helps me sort out problems but also helps me strengthen my breathing. Hell, I'll talk myself to sleep at night.

It's amazing that I make it through the day sometimes.

This week one of my co-workers is helping out a lady in another section. Apparently this woman is more eccentric than I am and my co-worker has started a quote log. Whenever the woman says something off the wall, my co-worker writes it down. Some of the ones today are pretty out there. I'm sure the woman just thought they were things to say, words from her head.

Which makes me wonder, besides insanity, what do people think about me when I'm talking to myself at work, in my office, outside walking around. They must think I'm a loon.

And I probably am.


CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

I am an only child. I have been having conversations with myself since I was little. It helps to hear things out loud and work things out. Talk on.

Anonymous said...

I caught my mom talking to herself once and I asked her about it. She said that it was the most intelligent conversation she had had all day. I was with her most of the day.