25 May 2008


Today was awesome. K & I both got a little cat nap with Nika while E mowed the lawn and then off to Body Worlds! This was a great time for me. I went back in 2006 when it was in the cities so to see it again was amazing. There was more room to maneuver here - more space to function, so exhibit pieces I could only see the front of in the cities I was able to walk all the way around here. That was a nice thing because the bodies were set up at all angles. It was also fun to be able to talk about and dissect (so to speak) the exhibit with K&E and A afterward (A is K's sister).

Then it was off for a drink before dinner. We ended up at a little bar downtown. I'm not a big drinker and I didn't feel like my normal Captain & Coke (it felt a little white trash when the rest are drinking wine or bourbon) so I had a martini. Shockingly it was good. I'm not usually for all that but it worked for me tonight. We had a little party time and then walked to a Brazilian restaurant where they come out with the meat on skewers and slice it right on to the plate. this was sweet! We have a place like this in my now-town but I've been nervous to check it out. The one thing I don't like is that it's pretty pricey. It's one thing if you eat a lot - you'd definitely get your monies worth - but if you're like me and one plate of food is plenty at a sitting, this kind of got wasted on me. But the meat was great - perfectly cooked and seasoned. Yummm... My belly is still full and we finished our meal 3 hours ago.

So now I'm just hanging out in a thunderstorm. I was watching Talladega Nights with E but he went to bed and just as he did the lights went out then came back on. So I decided to just skip the rest of the movie and blog instead. I'm on a battery so I'm good. (knock on wood) I have the night shift for Nika tonight so I thought I should stay up and try to keep busy. If I read I'll fall asleep, which is an option since I have a monitor, but it's very possible she'll wake up soon so I might as well stay up.

I do love thunderstorms. They are so out of control, and me being a control freak, this is really cool. So Hyde and I are just chillin'. I have one more full day here before I have to come home so I want to make the best of it.

*sigh* vacations are the best.

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Anonymous said...

Yeh! for vacations! Sounds like a fun day!!!