25 May 2008

Voices 25

It's only early afternoon and already so many voices have been present. Nika, of course, makes her presence known quite well. There was a fun gasp this morning when E made an announcement at church. And another loud roar of laughter when one of the kids during the children's sermon told E she thought he was 47 years old.

It's been fun. But the screamers today are my hamstrings and legs. After bending over most of the last two days staining the deck my legs now don't want to cooperate. I feel like I've just run a 10K (not quite a marathon, because then I'd be hurting everywhere). I need to be running more.

That's a bad thing, and my own fault, but I haven't been running on this trip. I packed all my running gear (extra even) and my shoes but I haven't been out once. I wake up at 5:30 and it's bright here but I just don't feel like getting up. Part of me doesn't want to disturb the gang, and part of me just wants to curl up and sleep. So this week will be hard on me, getting back into the swing of it all.

Today K&E and I are going to Body Worlds and to a Brazilian restaurant. I'm excited. This will be a nice afternoon I think. I'll miss Nika but it's probably time I start weaning myself from her since I have to go home soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!! I'm sorry that you're legs aren't feeling too well. Hopefully, you'll only be hurting for a day or two!