08 May 2008

Voices 8

"Holy mother of all that is good and pure! DAMN!"

That is what was going through my head just 30 minutes ago as my awesome dentist cemented my new crown to my very live tooth.

Dr. R and I debated on what to do. I was using the gas, which is always pleasant, but we decided not to numb me up to put the tooth on. I'm really glad we didn't because I wouldn't be able to enjoy my jelly donut as I am right now if I had had the Novocaine.

But because we didn't, the room temperature cement going onto my very live, body-temped tooth, stung like a bee-atch. Add to that the tapping of the crown onto my live tooth and holy shit. I teared up which didn't help because then Dr. R felt bad. But once everything settled into place she asked if I would have preferred the Novocaine and been numb for 3 hours.

"Hell, no." I hate being numb. You can't function, you can't talk, you can't eat (and I like to eat). So those 5 minutes of pain and the dull throbbing I have now, which will go away with more Ibuprofen, is nothing. I'm much happier now than if I'd be sitting here drooling and trying to function.

So I'm celebrating my pain with a jelly donut. And then I need to go to work. joy.

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