20 May 2008

Voices 20

Tonight is the final competition for American Idol and it's the standoff between the Davids.

I am not a big fan of Archie. He has a good voice, I'm not denying that. But all he sings are ballads and slow songs. I know people will fight me on this since his second song picked up a bit, but let's be honest folks: ALL he sings are slow songs. He's a crooner. He's a cryer. He squints when he sings. And all he has is the little girl vote. In all honesty, I think he could go far with just a few more years of experience and training under his belt.

DC is great. So far - we're only on song two - he has only sung rocking songs because he is the rocker. But we've heard him sing the crooning songs and he does them well. He's so much more versatile in his performances. And can I just say this - between the two DC has stage presence. He doesn't sing with his eyes closed or with a furrowed brow during a love song like Archie does. He sings the song with the passion of the song and lyrics...appropriately.

I'm worried about this one. Archie's going to get the little girl vote so much that he'll probably win. But I hope that DC pulls out a Daughtry in this one whether he's winner or not.

Edited to add: Of course, if I would have waited a few more minutes, DC sang Collective Soul which picks up a little but is most a slow song and did an awesome job on this. Man he's good. Paula said it best - He's true to the music and himself. It's fabulous. Of course Simon didn't like it but whatever.

And what did Archie sing? Imagine. No no...don't imagine what he sang. He sang, "Imagine". Huh, a crooning song. Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched AI since March. Last thing I saw was the top 10. I think I read something online that David Arecheleta won or something...I remember thinking that he wasn't all that good. It's a shame, really!

Jennic said...

Last night was a rare chance. I watched AI. I don't think I've ever watched a full episode before.

Anyway. I agree with you. It's too bad Simon prefers DA over DC, for whatever reason.

Maybe this reinforces the fact that, in the big wide world, you get ahead by giving people what they want to hear instead of what you really feel. I don't know. I hope DC wins. Did he?