13 June 2008

Day 3

Friday the 13th. Uffda. Psst...I'm writing this long hand and will transpose it later (like right now, Monday) since I don't have internet this weekend. Maybe that's my Friday the 13th problem. That could be it. Anyway...

Normally this day would probably freak the hell out of me, but today was awesome. After a great night last night - with the Indians kicking some serious Twins ass - Debbie and I headed to Cincinnati.

This was the exciting and a little nerve-wracking part of the trip for me. I had to wear a dress. Ugh. Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. We had a great trip down, enjoying the "scenery" and talking about the game and the upcoming opera.

We got to Cincinnati and after a bit of torrential downpours and phone navigation via Thom, we picked him up at his favorite coffee joint and headed to his loft. We were so excited to connect! It was great. I hadn't seen Thom since April, I think, so it was great to catch up.

I needed a wrap or something for the night so while Thom took a nap to rest up, Debbie and I headed to TJ Maxx. This is so weird for me since this is twice in the past week I've been there which is twice more than I've been there in the last decade. Granted, my dress was hot, but it was a cooler evening so I needed something (plus I had forgotten my coat at home).

So we actually did find a wrap, a hair straightener/flat iron thinger (to ease out my waves from my constant ponytails), and a coin purse which was big enough to hold my ID and fit into my sparkly handbag I was using tonight. It was a successful trip, and we hurried back to the loft to change.

Sadly, we were kind of in a hurry so I didn't get any pictures of me in the dress so sadly you'll have to use your imagination. Evans! had to be there early, being important and all, so once we changed we headed out.

The opera, Madame Butterfly, was incredible! I loved every moment. What an amazing performance. There were some questions about the set being so sparse and the ending changed slightly so Butterfly saw Pinkerton right before she ended it all, but I really thought it had a tremendous impact.

After the opera we raced back to the flat and I put on jeans and a black top for the after-party for the main cast. We got to meet Frank (Pinkerton) who was incredibly funny, and Nate, Jared, Stephen, and others. It was so much fun.

I can only hope that I can run into these folks again sometime. For now, sleep....

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