02 June 2008

Home Plate

Sometimes it's hard to please a 10-yr-old.

Yesterday we went to the game, as I said yesterday, and I got us seats in the upper club right behind home plate. I love sitting in this spot of a ballpark because you can see everything. Generally there isn't an obstructed view here and I prefer to see the fronts of players instead of their backsides (though, admittedly their backsides are often quite nice to look at - but that's what the batter's box is for).

So this is where we sat. The good things are, besides those I mentioned, that you're a little closer to the action. The bad thing is that these are usually popular seats and it seems like most often these are the popular ones by those who insist on getting up and down several times throughout the game. I hate this. And yesterday's game was quite popular, hence quite packed.

My theory is that if you sit in the middle of a row you should show up early and get comfortable. I'm okay with once getting out but 3 or 4 times is just too much - are you there for the game or for the food?

The other fun moment of the game also happened at Perkins during breakfast. See my BIL is an A's fan; I'm an Indians fan, as you know; and nephew is a big Yankees fan. At Perkins a guy at the next table said, "Wow, this is just an American League family! But nobody for the Twins?" Nephew said, "No, we're anti-Twins." Whoops. At the game we were luckily surrounded by an even mix of both Yankees and Twins fans so that wasn't so bad, except for BIL and me. Oh well...we're experienced at this so we could handle it well.

The game was boring. Nothing really exciting happened. Nephew was happy to see Jeter hit a home run. Otherwise we just tried to keep happy thoughts going as we watched. Our zen wasn't quite in sync though since the Yankees lost big time.

Tonight, that zen continued to be off as nephew had a baseball game of his own. He had two great hits ("which didn't count" he told me). His team lost 21-2. As we say here in God's country, "Uffda." Maybe the next one will be better. We can hope.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Sounds like a lot of fun to me!! Too bad for the yanks, though!

Karen Elizabeth said...

um, what does BIL stand for? I keep making up words to it, but nothing makes sense...you said, "my BIL"...is this a person, an alter ego?