06 June 2008

It's becoming right again

Tonight I've spent the evening at home, entirely alone, just as my life usually is.

It's night like this that help me 'right' myself again. Working a little later than required, driving home and eating eggs and popcorn for supper, then watching my favorite shows while just relaxing on my couch, surfing the net and knitting.

This is a good night. I'm finally feeling right again. The pain in my shoulder and chest is a lot less than it has been which is good. I finally got to spend a night at home where I wasn't really needing to worry about anything else.

People are always surprised when they find out I'm an introvert. I'm fairly outgoing when I need to be but for me to restart I have to spend some time alone. This doesn't bode well for any future relationships but for now it works for me.

Since my vacation I have been going, going, going. It's been crazy busy. My first night back I crashed. The next I went to my nephew's ballgame. The next I was doing laundry. The next, another ball game. The next I drove to the cities. The next I drove back. The next another ballgame. Then I had two nights off, but I wasn't feeling well and didn't sleep well. Then my niece had a recital. And now, finally, I'm back to normal.

I don't feel guilty for skipping the ball game tonight, despite the fact that the weather has finally cleared up and it's perfect for a game. I needed this night off. A night to regroup and regenerate.

Tomorrow is a work weekend. It was supposed to be an easy one, but somehow along the weeks it's become one of my busiest. I get to be a bitch during our morning meeting. People have been avoiding me telling me when they are going to do their various trainings and I have to track it all. Well, Saturday is their deadline to turn everything in or they lose their training. HA! I've been bugging them since January so I don't feel too bad.

I'm thinking of going running in the morning before I head into work. Hopefully I can make that work. Then I'll be back on track for running every other day (or at least close to it).

Wow...this is kind of a rambling post. Sorry about this. Too many things on my brain and I'm relaxed maybe a bit too much to be coherent.

Last night my niece had her first piano recital. She did great! I was really excited for her (and because she's starting her musical journey for life). I really like that she's interested in piano. And she's really good for just starting out. I'm really proud of her.

The bad thing was that her brother has his birthday next week which I'm going to miss. Part of his birthday present was the Yankees game earlier this week. Well, while we were talking a few weeks ago I realized he has never read my favorite book series, The Great Brain, so I bought him the first one and told him that if he liked it to let me know and I'd get him the rest.

My sister got a mad because I gave it to him last night before the recital. Before we left for the night she said that my niece has been having a few breakdowns lately because "everything is about him" and never about her. So giving him a book last night on "her" night was probably not a great idea.

So I emailed my sister today. I've been thinking about this for awhile but I finally got it down on paper, so to speak, that I want my niece to come stay with me again and told my sis the best weekend to do so. Hopefully she'll take me up on it and then my niece and I can have our day like we did around Christmas.

Okay...that's enough rambling for today. Hopefully I'll be more coherent tomorrow.

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