07 June 2008

What a day!

First, I'm home again tonight... *sigh*. I love getting to be home and chill. I had Totino's pizza for supper (which my friends call "white trash pizza" - no offense meant). My friends and I used to eat this with chocolate milk, carrot sticks and chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert. Yum! But tonight I just had the pizza, chips and ice cream. Oh and DC and Captain.

That's a little disturbing that I've had rum and coke the last two nights. I don't normally drink so I'm not sure why I've been having this lately. weird.

Today was an awesome day. Super ass busy, but really good. Our morning meeting went well. I laid down the law that requests for work trips through September had to be in to me by the end of the day today or their set aside days would be turned in tomorrow AM. I had everyone on my list who needed to do this turn something in to me except one.

So now I have to be a hardass on him tomorrow, especially if he comes in with the request form. I asked both Boss1 and Boss5 if I should be a hard ass, if I could be a hard ass. Boss1 said it's up to me. Boss5 told me that if I waffle for one then I'm going to have to waffle for everyone, which doesn't set a very good example.

What I really wanted, and I guess what I should have asked instead, was to know if they would back me up if TH comes in tomorrow with the work request form when the deadline was the end of the day today. Neither really gave me that so I'm going to have to talk with Boss5 again tomorrow since Boss1 is out on his own work trip for awhile.

Anyway...Today I got to help in our Dining Hall. The folks there were short this weekend so I got to help serve. I had a blast. For three hours I two-fisted ladles - one with gravy, the other with peascarrots. The crew got a kick out of me because if those coming through the line refused peascarrots I'd say, "Then get a salad! You need your vegetables!" People looked at me as if I was insane (which let's face it, I probably am a little).

I also freaked a lot of people out by calling them by name as they came through. That shocked them because, as one person said, they don't look at the servers. Hello! These people are feeding you! LOOK AT THEM! They don't have cooties. (I hope not, they do make our food.)

The other thing that amazed me is how many people I really do know at our business. crazy. One of the crew I was helping was getting confused because guys were coming through the line from different sections and I knew them all. He kept asking if I worked for them. "Uh, no. I work for Boss1." Oh. Of course, then Boss1 came through the line and the guy said, "What does he work across the street?" Uh, no - HE'S Boss1. OHhhhhh.... The light finally dawned.

Which also made me realize that Boss1 and I need to get out and about more often. When people in our own building don't know him, that's not a good thing.

I didn't get my run in this morning but the rest of the day was great. Meeting, meeting, meeting. Tonight I wanted to go to Moonlight Movies at a nearby park. They're showing my favorite, "The Goonies", but with having to work tomorrow morning early I just can't do it. I wouldn't get home until 11 and I have to be at work early. So I guess I'll have to wait for that until another Saturday.

So now I'm watching Bones. I bought the first 2 seasons on DVD so I'm going back through my favorites. I love this show. And I love my job.

Life is great.

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