08 July 2008

Just a reminder

I haven't had an "I love my job" post lately so I thought maybe I should throw one out.

I LOVE my job. :) Yes, I know I'm a weirdo but I really do love it. It's fabulous to be appreciated. "I'd give anything to not be appreciated in my own time." "Fine, Phoebe. You suck, too." Sorry, Friends channeling.

Today I did a very simple project. I made up some business cards for Boss1 for his upcoming trip. He'll get professional ones done sometime but these were kind of a rush job. So I put on our two logos, added his name and title and then contact info. This took maybe 30 minutes, but only because I had some trouble with the logos not going where I wanted them to go.

But my boss was totally enthralled. "These are fabulous!" I was so flabbergasted I had to ask, "Are you serious? This didn't take that long. It wasn't difficult." He insisted they were awesome and sung some more praises. Weird.

I will admit I'm getting a little better at accepting his compliments (and others). I'm usually horrible at this. Point - when I gave K&E&A the baptism gift and the next day I had to ask again if it was okay (mostly because it was a decorative item and I don't usually buy those for people since I'm not much of a decorator). But K told me again it was a perfect gift. I'm still working on believing that one, though I have no reason to doubt her. She's never steered me wrong in the past.

The rest of my day was great. I got some work done, was given a few more homework assignments (re: CBTs) and got to leave early to see my niece's last softball game.

I really love my job. It's great. Just wanted you all to know that. :)

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