12 July 2008

It figures

I started a blog at work this morning but I got interrupted about 20 times so I never finished the post. So tonight, you get NOTHING.

Just kidding. I had started to vent about work, mostly because I was interrupted about 20 times just this morning. I was trying to do different work things and people kept coming in and interrupting me. I could be talking with someone about work, in my office, having a conversation, and someone would walk in and interrupt or, worse, stand there even if I paused to say, "I'll be with you in a moment." They just hang there like dead skin on a scab until I finally rush through whatever I was working on or, typically, push off what I was doing and turn to them, thus pushing my things to the side and then forgetting about them and not getting them completed.


So after another long, stressful day (I even stayed an extra hour just to sort through my papers and create NLPs so I could find things tomorrow), I went to the grocery store and bought Totino's Party Pizza (yum!), popcorn, and ice cream.

Tonight was a total comfort food night. It really isn't on my diet but I really needed it. I also watched 27 Dresses, just to keep in the past practice of sappy movies while I weep alone on my couch.

Maybe I need to find a date. That might be good. Too bad J's in LA or I'd totally call him. Hmmm. I'll have to think about this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I always welcomed the vistors, but I can understand why most people don't enjoy it.

Stay late, come in early--it doesn't matter...work will always be there waiting for you!!

Have fun with your confort food fest! I love days like those!!