24 July 2010

Alrighty then

It has been a very long week. So I decided to take a time-out and go to the cities for a mini-break.

I started the weekend running late, and though I should have made it to my appointment on time construction made me an hour late. Nothing like sitting on 94 between 35W and 280 for AN HOUR. wow.

But I had a great 2-hour deep tissue massage with the fabulous Keith. It has been 13 months since my last massage with him and with all the stress I've been going through I was so tight that Keith only got through my shoulders and back before my time was up. Not good. But I'm going to do my level best to get back on Monday to work my legs and back a little more.

We also tried some Kinesio taping. He's been trained and certified on it and thought, especially with my level of tension, that I could benefit from it. So we taped my right forearm, pecs and lower back. Monday we're going to retape those areas and tape my neck and shoulders. I hope it works...i'll try anything if it will help.

Tomorrow I get to see Debbie and go to some awesome theatre again. I can't wait. I need some culture. :) It's just nice to have a break for a while. Not that I don't love where I live, but everyone needs a break now and then, and I'm one who likes to travel, even if it's only a few hours away.

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