08 July 2010

A little behind

"At least I'm not a big one!"

I've really been wanting to write here more. I have been writing but on a different blog/journal to work through my therapy. It's pretty sucky, so I haven't opened that up to anyone really.

But since that's specifically about therapy, I thought I'd vent and rant about the rest of my life here. :)

I haven't been eating well lately, nor have I been running like I should. I have very few weeks left before the TC marathon and I have not been running enough. Which is NOT a good thing. And my timing has sucked. The last few days have been PERFECT weather for running and I haven't run a step. I wish I didn't have this aversion to running after 7:30 pm (especially starting after 7:30 pm) or running at noon in the heat of the day. It leaves me with early morning (which I'm usually okay with) or right after work (which hasn't worked lately).

And my eating has sucked - one meal a day with a few snacks as of late. not a good thing. I really need to lose some weight and not eating isn't helping. Blech.

And all this leads to not sleeping well either. I'm going to really have to work on all of this.

There's my vent/lament for the day. :)

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