02 October 2009

1 day, 12 hours

Okay, so the countdown has really begun. It's closer every moment.

Today my friend SBK gave me an Edible Arrangement. This was an awesome pre-race gift because now I don't have to buy fruit for the weekend. :)

The logistics of packing is now upon me. I have my checklist and laundry in the dryer. I need to make cookies yet for Debbie. My confirmation packet and pace charts and pace tats are set out for tomorrow. Two days from now it'll all be over.

Boss3 was great today, teasing me about taking work off to run a marathon, but excited for me and promising to track my race while I'm going. Boss1 was great today too, wishing me luck and also saying he'd watch the race too. The finance office agreed to help me with a few work details over the weekend so I can go without worry. And my supervisor's meeting earlier this week has freed me from worry about trying to get some training done this weekend, because now they can do it with their peeps instead of me having to do it.

And MS has been wonderful. He came over to my place last night because we've been spending a lot of time at his place. He went through his checklist for the weekend, got someone to come in early for him tomorrow and is going to come straight here so we can head to the cities. He's giving up a weekend of working around the house (and Lord knows he has a list) to spend it with me, and he's not even complaining. I can't believe he'd do that and it's really overwhelming.

Well, back to my list so I can make sure I get everything accomplished and not freak out in the morning. I want to get a short loosening up run in tomorrow before we take off because the rest of the day I'll be sitting and I need to stay loose.

Hopefully I can get online this weekend. If not, I'll post on Monday with results. :)

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